Our Approach

Our three core values are cost-effectiveness, cleanliness, and community-mindedness. Our mission is to be an affordable, beautiful, and meaningful venue space in the heart of Portland. Our vision is to give hope to the people that it's still possible for a venue with these ideals to thrive in our gentrified city.

Our Story

Robert Evans and Julia Box are instructors at The Ballroom Dance Company in Tigard, Oregon. Seeing the need for a small venue in the heart of Portland, Robert Evans started Ragtime PDX Studio with the vision of creating an affordable, beautiful, and meaningful venue space. After much renovation and investment, the studio became available in October 2016 and is currently accepting new bookings.

Meet the Team

Our team is an entire community of people, including the Dance Freedom Project board. The three of us below are most involved in the studio:


Robert Evans

Founder & CEO

Dance instructor, event developer, real estate renovator, and expert in professional cleaning and maintenance.


Julia Box


Dance instructor, event organizer, and business consultant.


Daniel Oliver


Dancer, project manager, website developer, and marketing consultant.

Contact Us

We're looking forward to hearing from you to answer any questions you might have about our new studio!